McCarthy Towne 50th Anniversary

Presentation at the entrance

In 2021, Alice entered 5th grade at McCarthy Towne Elementary school, one of five elementary schools in Acton. When I applied for school, I only considered the location, location and location: near our new home and Emily’s school. I had no idea the differences between McCarthy Towne (McT) and Merrian when I found both shared the same location on Google Map.

But we are really lucky because Alice has excellent class and ESL teachers. 2022 is the 50th anniversary of McCarthy Towne elementary school. Jolie voluntarily signed up for the preparation for the anniversary and we had the opportunity to review the history of McT.

Back to 1971, McT was a Pilot school with new ideas of art integration (learning through art), and teaching methods without the fixed textbooks. “Controversial pilot school” was mentioned in the old newspaper. Then, I could not imagine the first principal, Parker Damon, was in his position for 30 years! I love his words:

Your elementary school years may be over, but waht you have learned and done will be with you always. Dare to be true to your past, your future, your self


As newcomers, we do not share the old memories with other parents, and staff who were in the history of McT. When Jolie scanned all the old documents and photos and made a slide deck for McT 50 the anniversary, we feel very lucky to join this school when Alice starts her whole new life and learning journey in the US.

Here, I want to share Jolie’s work using the old documents and photos:

Celebrate!McCarthy Towne School 50th anniversary, by Jolie Wu

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First Score in First Season

Alice in ABYS Unifrom

It should be spring in the New England area, but it was high to 88 ℉ today. Before coming to the US, I almost did not intentionally try or learn any sports. However, I found everyone may find the most favorite one after trying. For example, we never thought about why Alice likes soccer. I barely remember she tried soccer when she was in Taiwan.

One month ago, Emily’s rowing teammate’s Mom encouraged Alice to join the Acton-Boxborough Yang Soccer (ABYS) team, and Alice was happy to accept this invitation. The story afterward was: Jolie paid a fee to join ABYS league and bought the jerseys, shorts, socks, shin guards, and soccer shoes.

The game today started at 12:30 pm. Emily and I arrived at the field at 1:40 pm. For the laypeople like us, we felt bored watching two groups chasing the ball. Then, suddenly, Alice showed up near the goal line and finished a close-range shot. Wow~ We could not believe we just saw Alice’s first goal in her first soccer season!

Alice’s first goal, Liberty Field, Boxborough, MA

Peeps Diorama

BAB (Bromfield Acton Boxborough) PEEPS-TACULAR Contest

Emily attended the Rowing Team this spring. The first activity of the rowing team is Peeps Diorama. Actually, I googled “Peeps” and understand it is one kind of marshmallow, which is very popular in the US. You even can find it on Wikipedia, which says:

Peeps are marshmallows sold in the United States and Canada that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays.

Finally, I understood it is using Peeps to create a theme in terms of Rowing or Book titles. Therefore, Emily created a “Row in Amazon” and Alice had a “Harry Potter” using Peeps.

We might be the first one to submit the Peeps diorama. Though this is a small community competition, we did enjoy all the delicate works and were surprised by the enthusiastic participation and creativity.

2021 Note

2021 is a great year and a massive change for my family. We moved from Taiwan to the US and started a new life here.

The first Christmas Tree in our new home in the US

Three cats also relocated to the US with this big move. After starting our new journey here, we had lots of family time, including talking, traveling, reading, and playing video games. It is my precious and the most significant gift of 2021.

At the end of 2021, I wish Emily and Alice would have joyful and incredible learning experiences. Jolie and I can keep the growth in our working and career development. Of course, most importantly, our family would be happy and safe for 2022.




Alice過了兩歲後, 不但話多了些,那個小手更是停不下來,不只拿彩色筆到處塗紙,更甚的拿筆在白牆上塗鴉,不然就是用小剪刀把東西剪的小碎片。只是這些行為都發生在家裡,幼兒園的老師總是在聯絡簿上稱讚Alice乖巧、聽話,真是讓老婆和我老覺得不可思議!在滿了兩歲後,我們決定讓Alice跟著姐姐去幼稚園上「幼幼班」。其實最興奮的就是Emily,會到處跟同學說:「妹妹要來上學!」,然後每天都問我們妹妹哪時候要去上學。去了幼幼班,我們才發現Alice這個在年尾出生的小baby,在幼幼班上實屬最小隻,同學有大一歲多的,少則也有三個月,不過上學後才短短幾天,開始會說「我不要」、「Ali….」,連喝舊的ㄋㄟㄋㄟ都會要求「泡新ㄋㄟㄋㄟ」,每晚睡覺前都會喃喃自語,之後說話進步神速,開始會說「我」和整句話。最近,幼幼班的活動參加的多,Alice回來的時候還會哼著「快快樂樂上學去」。我們覺得可愛,不過這樣的副作用就是開始會覺得Alice好聒噪阿! 閱讀全文


Camera Roll-876


有時候生活上的小片段,會有讓人有所警醒或眼睛一亮。昨天晚上跟老婆看了美國影集Person of interest,劇情說到一位心臟外科的移植權威,被人下毒後,剩下24小時可活,這時候他找的第一個就是他的女兒,他懺悔在工作上追求成就,卻相對的放棄了許多「陪伴」家人的機會。在這個當下,剛好要出國兩個禮拜,然後剛好錯過母親節,也剛好錯過Emily的5歲生日,還有Emily和Alice在學校的年度表演,突然又想到去年Emily在小班的年度舞台表演,我因為要看門診而缺席了。這個小小的美國影集,似乎像是警世之鐘,提醒了我平衡的重要性。 閱讀全文


Camera Roll-506


老婆說奶爸日記自從Alice出生後可以說是逐漸遞減,不過我覺得這是個Bias!因為,2年前Alice出生時,剛好我們家生活轉變的critical point。2010年的12月,我的碩論剛進入加溫期,然後找新工作,接著開始一連串在半年內搬了3次家,整理4個房子,不過至此塵埃還沒落定,因為我們又開始新職務的挑戰與適應。 閱讀全文


Camera Roll-461


從住院醫師到當Fellow,到現在要自己獨當一面的菜鳥主治醫師,的確跟我猜測的一樣,日子是越來越忙,事務只是越來越繁雜,責任也越來越多,所以要在網路上爬格子的時間實在減少許多。距離上次奶爸日記的更新,已經半年多以前,在這當中Emily度過了4歲的生日,然後Alice也來到一歲7個月了,雖然少了文字,但影像紀錄可是沒有停歇的。 閱讀全文