Go for Rowing

Regatta of Havard Henley, Bare Hill Pond, Arp 24, 2022

Emily and Alice have tried various exercises since we moved to the US. In addition to tennis, squash, basketball, and volleyball, Emily joined the rowing team.

After 4-week indoor training, Emily started the outdoor practice in early April. At the end of April, the Regatta is very exciting for all the new rowers. I learned that: every child who starts rowing would likely be a newcomer because most of the participants attend rowing from middle school, high school, and even college. It is unlikely with tennis, and many kids start when they are young.

Five team members in a boat include one cox and four rowers. Cox leads the boat orientation, and all the team members need to work efficiently and closely. Actually, they are in the same boat! So hopefully, Emily can enjoy the teamwork and encouragement in rowing.


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