First Score in First Season

Alice in ABYS Unifrom

It should be spring in the New England area, but it was high to 88 ℉ today. Before coming to the US, I almost did not intentionally try or learn any sports. However, I found everyone may find the most favorite one after trying. For example, we never thought about why Alice likes soccer. I barely remember she tried soccer when she was in Taiwan.

One month ago, Emily’s rowing teammate’s Mom encouraged Alice to join the Acton-Boxborough Yang Soccer (ABYS) team, and Alice was happy to accept this invitation. The story afterward was: Jolie paid a fee to join ABYS league and bought the jerseys, shorts, socks, shin guards, and soccer shoes.

The game today started at 12:30 pm. Emily and I arrived at the field at 1:40 pm. For the laypeople like us, we felt bored watching two groups chasing the ball. Then, suddenly, Alice showed up near the goal line and finished a close-range shot. Wow~ We could not believe we just saw Alice’s first goal in her first soccer season!

Alice’s first goal, Liberty Field, Boxborough, MA