McCarthy Towne 50th Anniversary

Presentation at the entrance

In 2021, Alice entered 5th grade at McCarthy Towne Elementary school, one of five elementary schools in Acton. When I applied for school, I only considered the location, location and location: near our new home and Emily’s school. I had no idea the differences between McCarthy Towne (McT) and Merrian when I found both shared the same location on Google Map.

But we are really lucky because Alice has excellent class and ESL teachers. 2022 is the 50th anniversary of McCarthy Towne elementary school. Jolie voluntarily signed up for the preparation for the anniversary and we had the opportunity to review the history of McT.

Back to 1971, McT was a Pilot school with new ideas of art integration (learning through art), and teaching methods without the fixed textbooks. “Controversial pilot school” was mentioned in the old newspaper. Then, I could not imagine the first principal, Parker Damon, was in his position for 30 years! I love his words:

Your elementary school years may be over, but waht you have learned and done will be with you always. Dare to be true to your past, your future, your self


As newcomers, we do not share the old memories with other parents, and staff who were in the history of McT. When Jolie scanned all the old documents and photos and made a slide deck for McT 50 the anniversary, we feel very lucky to join this school when Alice starts her whole new life and learning journey in the US.

Here, I want to share Jolie’s work using the old documents and photos:

Celebrate!McCarthy Towne School 50th anniversary, by Jolie Wu

Download the PDF File


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