BURN: How does the world end?

Reading English Novel is a challenge for me. In my old days, I always read published journals in English, News sometime, but almost none for English novels.

Burn, by Patrick Ness

Recently, I visited the local library with my two girls and took a new novel from Teens Novel Area. It took me some time, but I am happy to read through my first English Novel. The story begins with a dragon hired to work on a remote farm by Sarah and her father. This is really a strange beginning but is also interesting to make me think about how the story can expand.

Coincidentally, I read the story of Desert Diary, regarding the citizenship and human right of Japanese Americans (Nikkei). It was also included in this novel. This novel setting is in 1950s America, with dragon and US-Russia Cold War. The issues of racial discrimination and homophobia were included. The story concept is also based on multi-universe, which shows the components of the science of fiction.

I think it is not a good idea to say more about the story. Anyway, I enjoyed this novel and would read the author, Patrick Ness’s famous novel, Chaos Walking.


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